Introducing the 2019 Make a Mother’s Day gift range.

This year our theme is 'nurturing hope in a hurting world' which feels apt for a range of gifts that will inspire women and girls to tackle the issues they face and be the positive change their families and communities need.

These include, providing opportunities to learn parenting skills or attend bible study classes that will benefit a mother and her family, teaching women and girls how to find their voice and speak about their rights, developing their literacy and numeracy skills, opportunities to join our AFIA program and providing much needed support to families.

Thank you for helping to nurture hope this Mothering Sunday – choose your gifts below!

Step 1: Choose any of the gifts, if you want a gift card select whether you want a blank or 'in memory' one.

Step 2: Add to your basket, if you want to add more gifts select 'Continue Shopping'.

Step 3: Once you’re finished adding gifts, click 'Check Out' and fill in your billing and then payment details.

*We apologise for any inconvenience but we will not be able to provide personalised cards this year. Thank you for your continued support.